Just noticed that the idiom "know like back of my hand" is in the lyrics of two songs that are in my mp3 player. It is featured in Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" and Lights' "February Air" songs.

The interesting thing is, we have an idiom which has the exact same meaning, and it is "avucunun içi gibi bilmek". When you translate this literally it means "know like the inside of my palm" :-) When you translate "know like back of my hand" literally to Turkish, it is "elimin tersi gibi bilirim" and it really doesn't make much sense. Back of a hand is not the better part of one's hand in the Turkish culture. I just wanted to share this interesting trivia. It is totally useless so you might as well forget it.

I keep asking my roommate Kohei about Japanese idioms and proverbs. I think idioms and proverbs are really interesting part of one's culture. It shows some parts of a culture that you wouldn't be able to see looking with bare eyes. That's my two cents, anyway (yet another idiom :)).

Just like "Lost in Translation" right? (great movie by the way)