It's the 86th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic and like every year there have been many events around the country. I was lucky enough to photograph many of these events thanks to the Free Photos Group. I now present some of the shots I have taken today.

Flag sellers. Always colorful images.

Of course, children enjoy the most. Is this part of growing up?

I can easily say that this is the best photo of the day. I like this one a lot. It's not perfect, the right hand must have had more space, but that's the beauty of it in my opinion.

Such a cute child :)

Janissaries crossing ?

Turkish Stars is one of the best flight aerobatics teams in the world. They put on a truly spectacular show.

Bir ters bir düz.

"Ama uçaklar gitti". Gözyaşların nedeni bu. / "But the planes went away". That's the reason for the teardrops.

Getting a photo taken.

"Siz hangi gazetedensiniz?" Cimcime.

Simit seller.

Never seen such a long line at Anıtkabir before. We decided not to go inside.

From Anıtkabir.